Low Level Laser for Fat Reduction and Body Reshaping – Case Studies with the I-lipo laser diode system.

D Freeman, E Beynon-Williams The authors would also like to thank Dr Christopher Griffin
in and the Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services for their research contributions.


The ability of low level lasers to cause photomodulation of individual adipose cells so that they release their contents without damage to the surrounding tissues provided has been successfully and safely used for several years, first as an adjunct treatment to reduce the post treatment swelling and discomfort of liposuction procedures and more recently on their own as a non-invasive body reshaping treatment option.

The purpose of this study was to report the ability of the I-lipo laser diode system to be used as a fat reduction and body reshaping system, offering patients immediate and long term changes to specific problem fatty areas. Single treatment observations on circumference measurement changes of the abdomen were reported for 20 patients and a single case study was presented of a female patient middle-abdominal region during a course of eight treatment sessions over four weeks. Interim results from pilot study using real-time ultrasound to make direct observations and measurements of the subcutaneous adipose layer were also presented.

Observations and measurements confirm the I-lipo laser diode device as an effective, safe and pain free option for immediate and long-term body reshaping.

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